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Christa & Jake: Orchard Maternity Shoot

I never grow tired of taking pictures of Christa & Jake. I first got to know them when I shot their wedding years ago. I was able to shoot their engagements, Christa’s bridal and then of course, their wedding. Next they asked me to take some couple pictures and during this shoot they told me the amazing news, that they were expecting! Well several months went by and then it was time for maternity pictures. I told them it was perfect timing for shooting at the orchard and they said yes. I really do feel so fortunate to have such amazing clients and also that I get to record so many wonderful moments in their lives. Thank you so much Christa and Jake. I’m so excited to record your birth story, any day now…

Miriam: Orchard Maternity Shoot

I have had the most inspiring shoots lately, just look! I could have photographed Miriam all night. She is the sweetest person you will every meet and she has this quiet, natural beauty about her. Her sweet baby is lucky to have her as her mama.

Utah Orchard Maternity Photography