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Kiersten // Utah Senior Photographer

I love shooting senior pictures and this session with Kiersten was no exception. Kiersten has a lot of talents and interests and it was fun to incorporate them into her senior pictures, most specifically her horse. Shooting a live animal always makes for an entertaining session, but I do have to say after a few minutes Kiersten’s horse was not so camera shy and we were able to get some beautiful shots of the two.

Alex Turns One // Utah Family Photographer

To record a person’s wedding is well, just pretty amazing and then to take pictures of the couple’s baby, pretty dang cool too. I shot John and Lynnae’s wedding at the McCune Mansion a few years ago and it was so much fun to catch up with Lynnae as I shot pictures of her daughter Alex for her first birthday. What a cutie Alex is!!

One of Lynnae’s bridal pictures

Baby Evans // Utah Newborn Photographer

What a joy it was to photograph Amber and Zach’s wedding and when they contacted me to shoot their newborn pictures, I was so excited to see them again. Amber did give me a heads up that her baby would have to spend some time in the ICU and that pictures would have to wait a bit. Her baby was born with a deformity and many surgeries would follow, but before the surgeries she wanted to record him just as he was born. What loving, giving and selfless parents Amber and Zach are. My heart was so full after this shoot.

Angela // Pre-Chemo Shoot

My sister Mindee called me crying one day. Her heart was broken. Her friend Angela had been told she had cancer again, only this time she was told her cervical cancer was terminal. She needed to start in chemotherapy again and she knew her long, blonde hair would soon be gone. Mindee asked if I would take pictures of her prior to the treatment that would claimed her hair so her kids could have some recent pictures of her, in case the miracle she needed didn’t happen. I talked with Angela and she wanted to go somewhere girlie and spunky to reflect her fun personality, but it needed to be indoors because of the cold. We ended up shooting at My Dear Lizzie in Highland. What a fun store and a good backdrop for Angela.

Well it’s been some time since this shoot and I’m happy to report Angela got her miracle. She fought cervical cancer again and was just told yesterday that her CT scans were clear; the cancer is gone. She’ll continue to monitor it with her doctors, but miracles do happen, Angela is living proof. What an inspiration you are Angela!

Here’s an article about efforts to spare medicaid treatments last February.