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Noella & Cliff // Utah Nature Engagements

It’s been a cozy day in the office, drinking hot, apple cider as I post Cliff and Noella’s summer shoot. Hopefully you don’t mind these fall, spring and summer shoots as I catch up a little on blogging.

Cliff and Noella wanted nature to serve as a background for their shoot. We choose the perfect spot with lots of trees, fields, flowers and mountains in the background. They are such a sweet couple and Cliff knows just how to make Noella smile…

Kelsey & Ross // Nature Engagements

Kelsey and Ross…I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them a bit more over the years. I received an email from Kelsey a few years back saying she knew it was early to be booking a wedding photographer, but she wanted to proceed. After meeting, I knew I wanted to capture their wedding for them and I made an exception to my booking more than a year out. They have this chemistry and genuine friendship that was so easy to observe. We took their engagements on a warm, sunny day out in the country. Loved this session!

Elise & Tommy // Utah Bridal/Groomal Shoot

Elise and Tommy’s session couldn’t have been more fun and the location we chose for their bridal/groomal shoot was gorgeous. I’m lucky to be able to spend time with amazing clients and record memories for them for years to come.

JaNeece & Matt // Engagements

JaNeece and Matt said they would be dressing vintage and wanted more of a vintage location for their vintage engagement shoot. I was up for the task and matched them up with the perfect spot. But…when the day and hour arrived it was pouring rain!! JaNeece drove up from Cedar City and they were under a time crunch so we knew we had to make it work. We waited for about 30 minutes in our cars with no luck. We decided we would start shooting with the umbrella and then drop it for a few seconds in between shots. He, he! You must improvise and they were such sports. Luckily I had a fabulous assistant to hold an umbrella over my camera as we shot. Anyway about 30 minutes into the shoot, it stopped raining and we ditched the umbrella. If you look closely in a few of these, you can see the rain, just a pouring.