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Draper Temple wedding sneak peak, Utah Wedding Photographer

Ok so it’s technically not spring anymore, yes fall is coming on, but I love this couple and I’m working on their wedding album. I am going to post a few until I am able to get this wedding on the blog. This couple, Beckie and Brent warm my heart because of their story and me being able to relate to it. It was one of those weddings where you know genuine, whole-hearted love does exist. Sometimes it takes years and decades to find, but it’s out there.


Little moments, Utah Wedding Photographer

When I’m shooting a wedding, I of course love the formals and couple pictures, but what I really love is taking everything in and noticing little moments. I noticed while the groom was talking with his guests, he was also getting used to this new ring on his ring finger.

You see the bride has the engagement to get used to wearing hers, but this new ring on his ring finger, he’s only had a few hours to get used to. It’s so fun for me to look for these moments. Weddings never get old…


Natalie & Kevin: The St. Regis Deer Valley Park City, Utah Wedding Photographer

Wow! Natalie and Kevin’s Park City wedding was BEAUTIFUL and full of candid moments! You’ll see what I’m talking about in all the photojournalistic pictures below. They chose to have their wedding at the elegant St. Regis Deer Valley in Park City Utah. It is the perfect place for a romantic yet fun, outdoor wedding. Park City in general, is the perfect back drop for a wedding, really any season. It’s gorgeous year round up there!

The ceremony was awesome as a tearful bride and groom read their vows to each other. Yes, I may have held back a tear or two! The emotional and candid moments never get old with each wedding I shoot. They still get to me!

The reception was pretty cool! It had a fun carnival feel to it with colorful umbrellas, fair food and even a cartoonist to sketch the wedding guests. What a fun alternative to a traditional photo booth and it went along with their theme so well.

I loved everything about shooting this wedding. Thanks Natalie and Kevin for having me capture your awesome wedding for you!

Location- St. Regis, Park City, Utah
Officiant- Anita Gordon
Flowers- Five Penny Floral
DJ- Life of the Party