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Cliff & Noella // Louland Falls Wedding, Utah Wedding Photographer

Noella had me capture some fun pre-wedding moments of her getting ready at the salon. During her pampering she had to make a crucial decision, to have the venue put up a tent or chance it.  If you look at the pictures below, I think she made the right decision.  After the beautiful ceremony there were a few drops of moisture shed from the guests’ eyes as well as the clouds above. When dinner was served so was the rain. Everyone ran for shelter and the party went on!  What a fun and emotional day it was!



Venue:  Louland Falls
Dress:  Alta Moda
Salon: Lunatic Fringe
Second Photographer: Jessica White

Ana & David // Salt Lake City Candid Wedding, Utah Wedding Photographer

Please forgive me; this post is long. There were so many candid moments of humor and love during Ana and David’s wedding, I had a very hard time making this blog post any shorter. It also was about a 13-hour wedding and included one of my amazing second photographers, Brandon Vincent.

When I first talked with Ana about her wedding photography, it was about three years ago. Ana grew up in Utah, but currently lived in New York and her fiancé lived in London, where they met when Ana was doing an internship. When Ana was in town, I met up with her and her mom, and warmed up to them instantly. I knew this was one of those weddings where friends and family were going to play a special part and it was going to be a big celebration. I eagerly waited for the summer to come so I could shoot her wedding, but unfortunately Ana contacted me and said they wouldn’t be able to get married in Utah because David wasn’t able to get the paper work they needed in time to get married in the US. They were just going to proceed with a small wedding in London. I was bummed.

But…about a year ago Ana’s mom contacted me and said the big, Utah wedding that Ana had always wanted was being scheduled again and well the rest, you can see is history below.

Ana and David had me cracking up one minute and then crying the next. They each had their own unique “getting ready” stories. Ana’s was very girly with her mom, sister and friends, and David’s was very manly and included drinks with his friends at a tavern across from the church.

Their ceremony was heart warming, with a few twists of candid moments. One candid included someone (I believe David’s father) making him laugh and he responded by sticking his tongue out at them during the ceremony (recorded in the pics below).

After the ceremony it was game day…yes, Ana and David were married at the church just north of the Rice-Eccles Stadium, where the University of Utah was playing BYU for the last time. Of course, if this day is taking place on your wedding day and you’re right there, you stop in for some tail gating with your friends (captured below).

They ended the night at the Jewish Community Center with food, toasts, speeches and dancing. Oh and did I mention David’s best man was included in all of the action, via skyping from Hong Kong? See the pictures below…. They made sure not to leave him out.

Thank you again Ana & David for having me capture your wedding for you! – Brandee

From Ana & David: “We got the DVDs, they are so gorgeous! We’ve only made it through the first 330 photos (you were buzy!!) but we love them!!!

“I have to tell you again how beautiful these pictures are :).”

Event Planner/Caterer: Utah Food Services
Ceremony: St. Catherine’s of Sinena
Reception: Jewish Community Center
Brides Dress/Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Cake/Cupcakes: One Sweet Slice
Flowers: Mildred’s Flowers
Hair: Dexterity Hair Design

Kelsey & Ross // Wolf Creek Utah, Photojournalistic Wedding, Utah Wedding Photographer

I was counting down the days to Kelsey and Ross’s wedding. I knew it was going to be full of moments that I couldn’t wait to record. One of the moments that still stands out to me was Kelsey and her dad walking down the aisle. Her expression said it all. She was in the moment and couldn’t wait to become Ross’s wife. They are going to have a long, beautiful life together…

From Kelsey: “Thank you. They are so beautiful and you made our little wedding look like a million bucks! I LOVE THEM:)

Kajsa & Ken // Utah photojournalistic wedding

Kajsa, Kajsa…..When Kajsa first contacted me I really wanted to shoot her wedding, I mean I really, really wanted to shoot her wedding. She told me about her wedding and that it was simple but was going to be full of moments she wanted captured in a photojournalistic style. I love working with clients that are looking for a photojournalistic style. So, I asked when she was getting married and to my dismay, I was already booked.

To make a long story short while I was trying to find another photographer for her I realized I actually could make it work. I’m so glad everything fell into place. I loved Kajsa style. If Better Homes & Gardens ever had a wedding edition, Kajsa and Ken’s wedding could very well be featured in it. They were married in her loving uncle’s home in the avenues and wow; it was so beautiful. What a perfect and affordable backdrop for such a special day. Their family and friends helped with the decor, flowers, cake, food….well everything. There was a lot of love there that day and I’m so happy I was able to record it.

From Kajsa…
“Oh Brandee – what a job well done! THANK YOU for these amazing photographs. I mean honestly, they are all beautiful and there are some extra INSANELY phenomenal ones that really stick out too. I am so happy you were able to shoot my wedding and I really appreciate what an important role you played in creating these memories for us. It is so fun to look over these and go back to those moments.”

From Kenny’s mom…
“I am Cathy, Kenny’s mom (Kenny & Kajsa)and I wanted to tell you what a great job you did of capturing all of the tender, poignant, magical moments of their wedding. The photojournalist style showcased the beauty of the day and the venue. I looked through the photos frequently today, throughout my work day, and cried each time that I looked through them. To be able to catch the loving/adoring looks that Kajsa and Kenny gave to each other, the sweetness and mischievious side of my grandson and the true warmth of the family and friends made my heart sing. As a mother and a grandmother, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful photography that completed the wonderfulness of that special day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”