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Camille, Tibble Fork Bridals, Utah Wedding Photographer

Camille’s bridals….wow! I don’t often shoot in Utah County, but when Camille suggested photographing her bridals in Tibble Fork up American Fork canyon, I could not resist. It really is breathtaking there and you put Camille in with the Tibble Fork scenery and it’s magic.

It was a stormy day and we weren’t sure if it was going to rain–it did. Camille toughed out a few down pours and sprinkles, but the moody skies were gorgeous, especially the black and white pictures. If you look closely in some of the pictures, you can see the rain drops. Her flowers were amazing and went perfectly with the mountains, pines and blue water. (I’ll talk with Camille and post the flower source soon.)

Utah Lifestyle newborn photography shoot…so much love

This shoot warmed my heart. I could have photographed this sweet family all day. Their ginger, little newborn…so precious. I could not be happier for Christa and Jake in this new phase of life. I met them years ago soon after I received their wedding email inquiry. It started with their engagements and I’ve been so blessed to record many of their milestone events for them over the years.

Lifestyle newborn shoots are some of my favorite shoots. I love recording newborns soon after they are born, interacting and still getting to know their sweet families and their new home. How can you not love this? In this session, it was pretty cool to watch Christa admire Jake with their little guy and vice versa. I think sometimes in the early days with baby at home it just will all the sudden hit you, that you’re a mom or dad or that you have two kids or three kids. You can help but get emotional. There’s a lot of raw emotion in these lifestyle newborn shoots, and I love to look for these moments and photograph them.


Zion’s National Park wedding….a photographer’s dream, Utah Zion’s National Park Wedding Photographer

Utah is so full of beautiful places and one of those amazing places to photograph is Zion’s National Park. When I received a wedding inquiry for a Zion’s wedding, and when I learned more of what the couple had in mind, I was absolutely thrilled. The icing on the cake was meeting the couple. They were awesome and very much in love. They put so much time and attention into planning every detail, so they would have a wedding that captured not only themselves, but a wedding that also showed their close friends and family how much they meant to them. Their wedding guest were well taken care of and I think they knew how much they meant to the couple.

It was a multiple day celebration and one that I will not soon forget. I promised the couple I wouldn’t share the details or pictures from their wedding (except for a few landscape shots below,) but the highlights were their emotional first look–with a stream babbling in the background, the bride being so calm and ready for the amazing ceremony awaiting and of course the ceremony itself, with the red rocks as the canvas. I definitely am ready to photograph their vow renewals….hint, hint : )

If you are thinking of planning a destination wedding, like Zion’s National Park, it can be a little tedious, but it’s worth the work. If a certain location has been part of your dating or engagement it makes sense to have a destination wedding, like Zions. Most Utah wedding photographer’s will travel or actually most Utah wedding professional’s will travel. I say, just do it and I’d be happy to come along…


Draper Temple wedding sneak peak, Utah Wedding Photographer

Ok so it’s technically not spring anymore, yes fall is coming on, but I love this couple and I’m working on their wedding album. I am going to post a few until I am able to get this wedding on the blog. This couple, Beckie and Brent warm my heart because of their story and me being able to relate to it. It was one of those weddings where you know genuine, whole-hearted love does exist. Sometimes it takes years and decades to find, but it’s out there.


Little moments, Utah Wedding Photographer

When I’m shooting a wedding, I of course love the formals and couple pictures, but what I really love is taking everything in and noticing little moments. I noticed while the groom was talking with his guests, he was also getting used to this new ring on his ring finger.

You see the bride has the engagement to get used to wearing hers, but this new ring on his ring finger, he’s only had a few hours to get used to. It’s so fun for me to look for these moments. Weddings never get old…