Fall Mini Sessions

It’s that time again for Fall Mini Sessions! For some of you, you here that and cringe, just a little. Let’s be honest, sometimes family pictures can cause a tad bit of stress. You have to figure out what everyone should wear–shall we go with patterns, neutrals, colors or a little bit of everything this year? Is everyone going to cooperate? Will their be crying, whining, snot, kids getting their new clothes dirty before arriving at the shoot. Will we make it on time? Will there be so much chaos beforehand that no one will even want to be in the same picture together? Will the photographer make mom and dad kiss when we just got in a little fight because one of the parents opted for grape juice for junior on the way to the shoot?

Well, I’m in this club now and I have a difficult child, but I have never regretted a single shoot I’ve done with my kids and my family. After I see the pictures, I am so happy I froze that moment in time because I can’t believe how quickly my little guys are changing. We make the most of the shoots and just have fun!

Here’s the info for Fall Mini Sessions for this year. People have been booking earlier this year and I’ve got just a few left.

Sessions will be on October 10th. I’ll be shooting up Trappers Loop (on the way to Snowbasin). For the morning people I’ve got 8:30 or 9:15 left. In the PM I’ve got 5:45 open. They’re $225 for 50 touched up files that you download from my proofing site. Let me know if you want a spot! It’s a gorgeous time of year in Utah to capture your family and I will make them fun and relaxed!

Here’s fall family photography from last year! Young families like this one are pretty fun to photograph and it’s a work out all in one! Love it!


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