Kajsa & Ken // Utah photojournalistic wedding

Kajsa, Kajsa…..When Kajsa first contacted me I really wanted to shoot her wedding, I mean I really, really wanted to shoot her wedding. She told me about her wedding and that it was simple but was going to be full of moments she wanted captured in a photojournalistic style. I love working with clients that are looking for a photojournalistic style. So, I asked when she was getting married and to my dismay, I was already booked.

To make a long story short while I was trying to find another photographer for her I realized I actually could make it work. I’m so glad everything fell into place. I loved Kajsa style. If Better Homes & Gardens ever had a wedding edition, Kajsa and Ken’s wedding could very well be featured in it. They were married in her loving uncle’s home in the avenues and wow; it was so beautiful. What a perfect and affordable backdrop for such a special day. Their family and friends helped with the decor, flowers, cake, food….well everything. There was a lot of love there that day and I’m so happy I was able to record it.

From Kajsa…
“Oh Brandee – what a job well done! THANK YOU for these amazing photographs. I mean honestly, they are all beautiful and there are some extra INSANELY phenomenal ones that really stick out too. I am so happy you were able to shoot my wedding and I really appreciate what an important role you played in creating these memories for us. It is so fun to look over these and go back to those moments.”

From Kenny’s mom…
“I am Cathy, Kenny’s mom (Kenny & Kajsa)and I wanted to tell you what a great job you did of capturing all of the tender, poignant, magical moments of their wedding. The photojournalist style showcased the beauty of the day and the venue. I looked through the photos frequently today, throughout my work day, and cried each time that I looked through them. To be able to catch the loving/adoring looks that Kajsa and Kenny gave to each other, the sweetness and mischievious side of my grandson and the true warmth of the family and friends made my heart sing. As a mother and a grandmother, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful photography that completed the wonderfulness of that special day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Christa // Utah Rustic Bridal Photography

Beautiful, sweet Christa! I loved every minute of shooting this bridal session for Christa. She was looking for more of a rustic, field look for her pictures and I think we found just the right locations to match her personality. As you can tell by how green the grasses were in the pictures it was a little wet when we were shooting. I told Christa to make sure and wear rain boots under her dress incase we needed to go in some swampy areas. Luckily nothing was too wet for shooting that day. Whew! Christa has such an elegant, classic look to her and I think we captured just what she is all about. Thanks Christa!

February 24, 2012 - 7:51 am

Loretta Okimoto - BEAUTIFUL, Beautiful, beautiful!!!!!

Megan // City Bridal Shoot

Megan knew the exact style she wanted for her bridal pictures, more of a city/modern look. I shoot a lot of nature bridal sessions, but not a ton of city and I had forgotten how much I love city shoots. Megan has a fun, funky, sassy and sophisticated personality and a city shoot really complimented her to a “T”. It was so much fun to play with the light, all the colors and textures a city scape provides and Megan was very easy to shoot.

Megan also had two wedding dresses. A long, elegant one she would wear during her ceremony and a short, fashion-forward dress she would wear for dancing during the reception. It was so much fun shooting her in both!! Thanks Megan for an amazing bridal shoot.

Dress // Elegant silk gown by Angelina Faccenda purchased at The Bride Shop
Dress #2 // Vera Wang collection at David’s Bridal
Black Shoes // Vera Wang collection at David’s Bridal
Shoes // They were her mom’s shoes that she wore at her wedding.
Belt // Taken from a Vera Wang belt from The Bride Shop
Hair // Tasha Nielson
Make-up // Amy Acker with Bobby Brown
Necklace & Bracelet // Nordstrom
Earrings // Macys
Engagement Ring // Antique, cerca late 1890′s from Antoinette’s Antique Jewelry Store in Downtown SLC

{M} Family // Utah Family Photographer

I have three sisters and I have to say I was pretty at home during this family shoot of three girls. Each one had there own unique personality and they were so fun to capture. I also love shooting in fields, even though they make me sneeze like crazy, but it’s worth the pictures you get from them.

Kiersten // Utah Senior Photographer

I love shooting senior pictures and this session with Kiersten was no exception. Kiersten has a lot of talents and interests and it was fun to incorporate them into her senior pictures, most specifically her horse. Shooting a live animal always makes for an entertaining session, but I do have to say after a few minutes Kiersten’s horse was not so camera shy and we were able to get some beautiful shots of the two.